Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 10.00%

One-time offer

We’re offering a 10% commission to start! Additionally, we are providing 10% off to offer to shoppers who buy from your affiliate link. Everybody wins! (NOTE: After this promotion ends, affiliate tiers will be in play.)

Affiliate program overview

Our affiliates program is broken into tiers. All affiliates start at a 8% commission with a 30 day cookie window and the opportunity to move through commission tiers for 90 days. Every 90 days, the commission tiers restart. A bonus structure is also in the works for top performing affiliates, so stay tuned for more info on that. Finally, we are providing 10% off to offer to shoppers who buy from your affiliate link. Everybody wins!

Affiliate tiers

1st - 8% (standard) commission

2nd - 10% commission

3rd - 12.5% commission

4th - 15% commission

How the tiers work

At the beginning of each quarter, affiliates’ commissions restart, allowing sellers to progress through the tiers again for the next 90 days. By hitting certain sales amounts (sales in dollars, not number of sales), affiliates progress through the tiers during this time frame. This means the quicker you hit the sales commission amount of each tier, the quicker you move onto the next tier. So, if in 30 days you have already hit your sales commission amount goal for the 4th and highest tier, all of your sales for the next 60 days will earn you 15% commission until the next quarter restarts the commission tiers. 


All payments are processed through PayPal at the end of every month.

Beta Tester program

All affiliates have the option to let us at Skinny & Co. know if they would like to beta test our upcoming products. Not all affiliates will be selected for this program, but all who would like to be considered for the program will be reviewed based on their affiliate status.