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Skinny Coconut Oil is a smooth, sleek, skinny jar full of 100% raw, virgin, cold pressed coconut oil packed with vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy and happy. What makes us different? Our exclusive Nutralock Systemâ„¢.

At Skinny Coconut Oil, we believe happiness comes from good health and that healthy people change the world. Healthy people are more than physically fit; they are energized, inspired, engaged, and capable of incredible feats.

How can we change the world? By helping you, be you.

It is our mission to use our pure, wholesome coconut oil to cultivate a community of health-conscious individuals united by a passion to change the world. At Skinny Coconut Oil, we are building a community with a heart for others. A Coconut Community that channels their newfound energy into changing the world, from the simple act to international impact!
We pay our affiliates 15% of sales driven bi-weekly via Paypal. This does not include taxes, shipping, or discounts.